Nodeflux Analytics

Whether you are Small & Medium Enterprise, Large Corporations or Government Institutions, we provide cutting-edge analytics
to help you taking decision in a more data-driven manner.
API-on-cloud enables you to easily integrate and deploy our analytics into your current platform
Face Recognition

Automatically detects facial features and attributes— classifying them into the known and unknown person

Vehicle Counting and Classification

Allows you to count every vehicle and classify them into a motorcycle, car, bus, and more

License Plate Recognition

Provides recognition of all type of license plates, developed to adapt real condition in Indonesia

People Counting

Allows you to know the number of people in a particular area with multiple regions of interest

Crowd Estimation

Provides the estimated number of people in a particular area of interest

Vehicle Dwelling

Helps users to identify vehicle’s stop duration in a certain area

Water Level Detection

Detects the features and characteristics of water, and monitor its movement inside a camera view

Vehicle Restriction

Helps users to identify vehicle’s stop duration in a certain restricted area

Face Demography

Provides gender classification and age estimation based on a person’s facial characteristics.

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