Redefining your security and surveillance system

Nodeflux's Visionaire help the industries to redefining the effective security and surveillance system by utilizing your existing CCTV to get an actionable insight.


All you need in EKYC solution

Nodeflux's Identifai, a face biometrical solution with some supporting features enables you to know your customer for authentication or verification in frictionless way.

Why Nodeflux?

Our technology is crafted by some of the most talented workforces in Indonesia. Our product has been the go-to choice by POLRI, BIN, DUKCAPIL and other premier clients thanks to our superior expertise and locally-established Data Center.

Globally, Nodeflux is recognized as part of Nvidia Metropolis Software Partner Program. Nodeflux also passed the US NIST Face-Recognition Vendor Test, the 1st from Indonesia, and only one of four from South East Asia Countries.

Breakthrough Milestone

Nodeflux passed the US National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Face-Recognition Vendor Test (updated 2019).
Nodeflux topped 25% in NIST benchmark in the Wild dataset.
Nodeflux Face-Recognition algorithm achieves 99.83% accuracy using Labeled Faces in the Wild (LWF) dataset.
0.5 s.
Nodeflux identification has a rapid process to detect, and identify face to a database in ~ 0.5 second.

Use-Case Adoption

With our technology, many industry, big and small, are able to embrace AI into their business. process.
Learn more how Nodeflux AI solutions are adopted by leading industries here.

VisionAIre Surveillance

Jakarta Smart City

VisionAIre Surveillance

Road Traffic Monitoring

VisionAIre Surveillance

Bandung Command Center

VisionAIre Surveillance

Facility Management in Mining

VisionAIre Surveillance

Infomedia Visitor Management


Customer Registration


Membership Identification

Our Respective Clients

We help many companies to deliver AI solution.
Badan Intelijen Negara
Badan POM
Kodam Jayakarta
Diskominfo Pemprov Mimika
Diskominfo Pemprov
Jawa Timur
Diskominfo Pemkot Bandung
Diskominfo Pemprov DKI Jakarta
Jakarta Smart City
Bandung Command Center
RSUD Margono
PT. Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk
PT. Berau Coal
Gojek Indonesia
Diskominfo Kota Bandung
PT Telkom Indonesia
PT Pratesis
Electronic City
Uber Indonesia

Our Technology Partners

We are proud to work alongside with partner both local and international

NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program ⁠—Nodeflux developed GPU-accelerated Deep-Learning applications and is an NVIDIA technology partner

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