Redefining Organization from Any Industries Through Computer Vision.

Nodeflux powered by Computer Vision AI technology that provides a persistent, intelligent and automated solution to monitor and analyze massive amounts of image data. Our patented AI technology utilizes unstructured data generated by image-acquiring devices to generate structured data which is used by our clients to make data-driven policies and insights.

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We are the catalyst for the next wave of technology.



Product Market Fit & Tech Development Stage


Start collaboration with Polda, Asian Games 2018 & IMF - World Bank Group Summit 2018 Bali.


Launch of nodeflux Catalyst


Develope New Business Unit: Retailmatix and IdentifAI

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Surveillance Analytics as a Service

At Visionaire, we focus on surveillance and security automation, from small scale (housing/retail) to city-scale. Our goal is to make pre-installed IP cameras smarter with our Visionaire technology.

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Leading the Way in eKYC Services

IdentifAI provides e-KYC for business solutions to identify, recognize, detect, and verify data without direct physical contact. We are collaborating with Dukcapil (Data Kepedudukan dan Catatan Sipil) Kemendagri and financial services across Indonesia to simplify user registration and validation with AI based technology

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Saas Vision AI & Sales Force Automation

The world’s first in-store execution tracker with both manual audit capabilities and image recognition powered by artificial intelligence. Using Retailmatix, principle can understand how their products look, perform and compete on the shelf.