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Beyond Imagination

Delivering world class product through advanced technology

What We Do

Utilizing technology to solve problem is what we love to do. Through AI and computer vision, we are delivering an impactful value to the world


Creating product based on essential problems is one of our focus. Through that mindset, we could serve tons of client from various industry and will committed on improving our technology throughout the time


Real world problem solved by high-technology products. We are keeping it that way through AI and computer vision.


A scalable and high performance solution for enterprise. Utilizing GPU computing power to process high-volume video and CCTV, giving the best experience of analytics in your hand.


Combination of desktop and cloud application which are easily integrated with any solution such as retail analytics or home security system. Enabling intelligent video analytics on the cloud.


Nodeflux solutions covers wide range of sector including defense and security,
smart city, and store analytic

Security & defense

Enhancing defense and security sector by combining following features such as Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Crowd and Behavior Analytics, and Time Compression Analysis.

Smart City

Apply smart solution for smart city by using our algorithm for people measurement, rule violation detection, traffic management and measurement, and river monitoring (flood, trash, etc.).


Enrich your insight and enhance your business by implementing visitor measurement and acquire customers-product interaction data

Case Study

Get to know us more closely by explore our story in collaborating
with various industrial sector.


Using hundreds CCTV deployed on the street, we do fleet recognition for Gojek to understand well about current market share situation

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Kehadiran teknologi seperti Nodeflux ini seperti menunjukkan kalau Indonesia pun punya potensi untuk membuat sebuah teknologi canggih.

Our Clients

We are on mission to solve businesses and society problem through technology and innovation

Our Partners

We always put collaborative mindset whenever solving a problem. We believe working together will accelerate growth and innovation

NVIDIA Metropolis Partner

Nodeflux builds GPU-accelerated deep learning applications and is an NVIDIA technology partner.

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