Redefining Your Security and Surveillance System

As a solution, VisionAIre as a surveillance-as-a-service solution put a deep focus on enhancing surveillance and security automation for Small and Medium Enterprise, Large Corporation, and beyond. Utilizing our customer's existing IP camera, our system is capable to integrate various Intelligence Video Analytics (IVA) in a single dashboard with high adjustability depending on your needs, allowing you to make a more data-driven decision.

VisionAIre is a platform that we developed as a results of years of research and development coupled with constant learning and experiment in implementing various use-cases. As a platform, VisionAIre is designed to be easily integrated, flexible, and with evolving capabilities in mind.

Visionaire Allows Your Business to Gather Data-Driven Insight

VisionAIre is designed to be easily integrated, flexible, and with evolving capabilities in mind.
Explore our features and benefits below:
Floating License

While the license is given only to specific device, the license itself is transferrable so that the license can be utilized with various type of camera as long as it is in the same connection 


As a platform, VisionAIre does not depend on certain input. This means VisionAIre and variety of other solutions from Nodeflux can be used with different brand and type of camera.

Real Time Detection

Data Analysis is exercised in real-time so that the insights can be directly used for data-driven decision making

Easy Integration

High flexibility and easy integration remain as one of VisionAIre key strength. While it is operable with diverse input, VisionAIre may also be integrated with other solutions.

Private & Configurable

A flexible system architecture enables VisionAIre a guaranteed security and confidentiality. The data deployed for analysis could not be accessed without authorization

Massive Data Throughput

As a platform, VisionAIre is equipped with high capacity. Thanks to state-of-the-art system architecture, VisionAIre is capable to work with large volume of data.

Our Solution

All in one surveillance

All in one surveillance is a visionaire solution package for security or monitoring needs

Comprised of several intelligence video analytics such as people counting, people dwelling, face recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle dwelling, vehicle counting and classification. Customers will be able to see the analytics activity through a stream dashboard. The analytics combination can be implemented for security system for building supervision, visitor management system, people and facilities management and other surveillance-related solution.

Wide Coverage Solution Delivery

We provide specific solution need for your business


Improve the road traffic problem using vision AI

Help business to do a traffic analytical task by using vehicle counting and classification analytics. This solution is integrated with an analytical dashboard for a real data reporting for traffic monitoring activity and help surveyor activity for business needs.


Estimate the mass number on a crowded area

A surveillance solution to measure people mobility in a crowd. By utilizing this solution, our customers would be able to estimate crowd density illustrated in a heat-map visualization.


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Visionaire's Illegal parking allows our customers to monitor parking violation in a certain restricted place. By utilizing this solution, our customers would be able to measure how long the vehicle stopped in a restricted area or for parking in an unauthorized manner.


Automate Environmental Monitoring System

An environmental monitoring solution for early detection alert for flood  warning system. In addition, using this analytics allows you to combine the object detection for trash detection.

Surveillance Solution for the New Normal

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to gain traction, utilization of Computer Vision technology
allows automation in the Monitoring Process, enabling the Government to make a data-driven policy while engender human-machine collaboration

Effective monitoring process, utilization of intelligence video analytics would eliminate manual monitoring by officials in thousand of spots. Centralized monitoring system allows the process to be more seamless, scalable and efficient.

Easy integration (plug and play), backed up by integrated system to setting up the CCTV stream, and event webhook to support wide number connectivity to others platforms.

High frequency sampling rate, within 15 minutes sampling would allow wide area of monitoring activity through installed public CCTV in the cloud with connection of only < 2 MBps.

Face Mask

Optimized monitoring system by detecting people with or without a face mask, our system is able to provide notification should violations are captured by the CCTV.

Physical Distancing

A monitoring system to ensure safe distance between one another. This solution can be implemented for area management in offices, store, or other public places.

Public Mobility

A solution for estimating people density and vehicle density in a specified area. This solution allows city authority to monitor the effectiveness of local-area-lockdown-program.

Adjust Your Scalability Needs

On Premise

An on-premise solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through a single, easy to use platform, and offer security environment

Edge Deployment

The edge device will periodically samples frames from a CCTV through RTSP, do some processing, and push theme to Nodeflux cloud for further processing.

API on Cloud

AI Nodeflux Cloud platform is designed for developer needs to analyze video and image by using leading edge artificial intelligence and analytics using API on Cloud.

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