Road Traffic Monitoring

The trend of urbanization has created an experiencing of unprecedented growth in population and traffic congestion in urban cities. With this kind of growth, comes the need for the safe and convenient traffic operations, as well as improving a convenient for the road infrastructure.In the concern of road efficiency, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can help to analyze and identify the efficiency improvements that can be implemented – empowered by CCTV in each area while ensuring systematic traffic operations.

Real-time visual processing system to control traffic and reduce traffic gridlocks supported by the real-time data monitoring in the traffic periods in every city, every region, and/or seasonally. Our AI analytic enables to capture the unstructured data through the visual processing system and convert them into the structured data to provide insightful traffic information. Furthermore, it can elevate the process further to support a more reliable data-driven decision.Analyzing data using AI can reveal patterns that can support the government and regulatory authorities to make a better data-driven decision or even automate the whole process of decision making. The implementation of AI can assure efficient and safe traffic operations by empowering the wide-traffic surveillance system and traffic control system to manage and minimize traffic accidents.

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