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Smart City

The essential impact of Smart City is to create visibility, effectivity, and efficiency across the variety of functions in public services

Law Enforcement

In case of a traffic safety issue, with the underlying of traffic regulations about vehicle registration plate expiration, driving restrictions including making a restricted U-turn, and casually park vehicles while street vendors occupy on designated pedestrian aisles.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the traffic operation system, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a role on harnessing the process on managing a regulated vehicle registration and licensing system that implied to traffic regulations, as well as the improvement on road infrastructure management.

Public Safety

The capabilities to support disaster management requires fundamental substances, including force agents, safety infrastructure protection, technology support, and general law enforcement in pre, during, and post-disaster situation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as one of the technology support enables to analyze and monitor some preference areas empowering by CCTV as the video or image outcomes for the prevention planning matters.

Traffic Management and Surveillance

The implementation of AI can assure efficient and safe traffic operations by empowering the wide-traffic surveillance system and traffic control system to manage and minimize traffic accidents.

Analyzing data using AI can reveal patterns that can support the government and regulatory authorities to make a better data-driven decision or even automate the whole process of decision making.

Nodeflux VisionAIre offers the solution as a whole  by putting the high-security and self-restraint system for the smart citizen, in order to improve the living sustainability and create the economic development