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Whether you are Small & Medium Enterprise, Large Corporation or Government institutions alike, VisionAIre Face-Analytics provides Face-Recognition solutions for your business need. We provide API-on-cloud for easy deployment in your platform of choice.
Deployment Flexibility

Cloud and on-premise deployment to comply with various policy.


Our Face-Recognition achieves 99.67% accuracy on the popular LFW dataset.


Assures to correctly recognize a face with a particular condition like minor tilt, nod, age, glasses and scarf.

Identification Capability

It can be used as a verification system (1-to-1 ) or recognition (1-to-N comparison)

Enabling Business Insight Through AI

Let's see how Face-Recognition allows you to gather valuable insight


Recognize one input face within enrolled database to make N-similar face output. Biometric search mechanism 1:N

Face-Match with 2 Photos

Recognize two faces from two photos and calculate the face similarity score. Biometric search mechanism 1:1

Face-Match with Enrollment

Recognize two faces from two photos. One from input and one from enrolled database defined by enrollment ID.

Liveness Detection

Check whether the face in the targeted photo is spoof or real face. Output is the confidence level of face being ‘Real’.

Built for Developer Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

Get started with free operation in a month. Start building your solution by simply requesting free API Key.



                   {      "face_demographics":[

                            {            "gender":"FEMALE",                                                     "gender_confidence":0.99989927,                                                     "age":21        
                             }      ]  


How to Integrate Face-Recognition to your Business

Let's find out more about VisionAIre Face Analytics

We deliver Face-Analytics as a service, enabling AI penetration to as many businesses as possible

WHAT is Visionaire face?

VisionAIre Face provides Face-Recognition technology for developers and businesses in a form of API platform.

How do i use visionaire face?

We have provided a simple way for developer to connect with our API by integrating code end point to set up and get the face recognition analytics.

What features does visionaire face has?

We are focusing for face recognition, face demographic, and liveness detection if it is needed for your solution.

DO visionaire face provide a demo?

Sure, in fact we have provided a trial quota for you, just get to be registered to our platform, then build with confident (learn more).

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