On Premise Analytics

An on-premise solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through a single, easy to use platform

Why you should use this?

Main point of VisionAIre Real Time

that you should know about

Real-time feed

Provide realtime data updates from integrated feeds

Easy integration

Provide flexibility in implementation with REST API integration

Camera Agnostic

Get the benefits of AI-powered analytics without any dependency of a camera brand

Private-closed system

Secure your data with on-premises solution

Massive data throughput

Powerful algorithm to process massive visual data & produce insightful informations

Optional support and updates

Dedicated team of technical support & maintenance

Floating Software License

Full authority for boundless camera replacement to overcome future operational changes.

Flexibility of VisionAIre Real Time is

Whether to strengthen a business or as an essential business tool to help organizations streamline operations, improve monitoring and customer experience