VisionAIre Snapshot

A pay-as-you-go solution, designed to analyze video and image by using AI

VisionAIre is designed to analyze video and image by using leading edge artificial intelligence and analytics, and turning it into actionable intelligence

Why you should use this?

Main point of VisionAIre Snapshot

that you should know about

Easy Integration

Provide flexibility in implementation with REST API integration & software development kit

Continuous Software Updates

Get access to our newest features right after the update on our Cloud

Leading-edge Technology

Employ the most current technology updates

Cost Effective

Pay by volume, as-you-go

Remote Implementation

Easy to access no matter where you are

On-demand Analytics Options

Feel free to extend the analytic capability as your request


Flexibility of VisionAIre Snapshot is

Whether to strengthen a business or as an essential business tool to help organizations streamline operations, improve monitoring and customer experience