Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does Nodeflux directly supported by NVIDIA?

Yes, Nodeflux was part of NVIDIA Inception Program, and now is listed as one of NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partners.

What architecture does Nodeflux support?

Nodeflux supports on grid architecture, on cloud architecture. more information, see here.

What type of object can I see?

Face , person, vehicle, anything.

What is Nodeflux analytic recognize by nist?

Nodeflux face recognition is validated in NIST FRVT on September 2019 and scored 99.83% accuracy in LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild) dataset (see here).

Is there any restriction for camera based on brand?

We have agnostic principle for camera. But, we have restriction for resolution, encoding, bitrate and fps.

How do I adopt or implement your products?

Our VisionAIre platform has three components: the analytics, the system architecture, and how would you like to deploy the system itself. Based on that, we could consult you the best way to approach your problem with visionAI. Contact us for further information.

Is nodeflux providing the camera?

We only provide the software.

Do you store images on your server? What happens to them?

We value your privacy, we do not save your image in our server. In addition, we do not save contextual information about your requests.