Pioneering the Surveillance System for the New Normal

VisionAIre Surveillance help businesses redefine security and surveillance for the New Normal
while helping your firm comply with the health protocols
Effective monitoring process

Minimized manual process and centralized system makes the surveillance process more scalable and effective.

High Sampling Rate

Within 15 minutes, sampling can cover wide area of monitoring activity through  CCTV on cloud computing requiring < 2 MBps connection.

Highly Automated

Highly automate object detection (people and vehicle) and counting activity to define density in a certain area.

Easy Integration

Supported by integrated system to set-up the CCTV stream, and event webhook to support wide numbers of connectivity to others platforms.

AI Integration for Covid-19 Protocol Compliance

Enhance your existing CCTV with Smart Surveillance features
Face Mask

Optimize surveillance system by detecting people with or without face mask. Our system will be able to provide notification should violations are captured by the CCTV.

Physical Distancing

A monitoring system to ensure safe distance between one another. This solution is suitable to be implemented for area management in offices, store, or other public places.

Public Mobility

A precise solution to estimate people and vehicle density in a certain area. This solution allows Government to monitor the effectivity of local area lockdown program (PSBB)

Stay Safe and be Well Monitored

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How to implement this Surveillance System into your business?

Let's find out more about our Covid-19 Surveillance System

See how AI could help you to do automated monitoring while complying with the health protocol

WHAT is VISionaire for COvid-19?

VisionAIre for Covid is a AI-powered surveillance system that help business to monitor Covid-19 compliance.

How do i use visionaire for covid-19?

Utilize your existing CCTV, visionAIre will connect with the IP CCTV to get the stream and the AI will work for you. The data would then be visualized in an intuitive dashboard.

What features does visionaire has?

Visionaire for Covid provide the monitoring analytics for public mobility monitoring, face mask detection, and social distancing.

DO visionaire for covid19 has demo?

We don't have a demo, but you may check out Jakarta Smart City Covid-19 website that has been integrated into our dashboard (learn more).

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