Nodeflux KYC

Knowing Your Customer Truly and Deeply

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of business on verifying the identity of the customer and client, as well as valuing their suitability along with potential risk toward potential business relationships.

Why you should use this?

Using the AI Technology, it can shorten the process to be more efficient

Authentication System

Avoid data fraud with biometric accuracy.

Passenger Identification

Public safety is everyone’s top priority.

Membership Identification

It only takes a smile to verify.

Authenticating System

With Nodeflux’s VisionAIre, financial institutions are enabled to identify customers using our Facial Recognition (FR) analytic. VisionAIre FR will compare the customer’s face with a predefined database. By using the existing camera to prevent an unwanted person to have an account or applying for credit. This solution will increase the bank’s security and speed up the screening process, which eventually results in improved customer satisfaction.

Membership Identification

Membership identification could help the customer experience to provide personal information one time and take a picture of their face for the database and can be used if the customer forgets to bring their membership card. Using the existing camera in stores or gym, we can identify the person using our face recognition analytics to make less painful action to give access to the people who visit the place.

Passenger Identification

Waiting on a long queue during boarding time is uncomfortable. Nevertheless, with Nodeflux’s VisionAIre capabilities, it helps ease the length of passenger identification time processing, which eventually will cut the queueing line inevitably. Our FR analytic that is being deployed and integrated with the airport or train station database will accurately match the passenger data during check-in and boarding time.

Simple workflow

Accurately verifies customer data

under 5 secs, in 3 steps

Retrieve graphic data from CCTV footage or customer’s smartphone camera

Nodeflux’s VisionAIre Face Recognition Analytic identifies facial biometrics and validate it through the database systems

You get verified result for potential customer personal information under 5 seconds

Flexibility of Nodeflux Snapshot is

Whether to strengthen a business or as an essential business tool to help organizations streamline operations, improve monitoring and customer experience

Knowledge Sheet

Nodeflux Know Your Customer Solution
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