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Business Enterprise

The essential impact of Smart City is to create visibility, effectivity, and efficiency across the variety of functions in public services

Ads Analytics

Focusing on the viewers’ impression toward a particular ad campaign, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) can present the detailed information of the audience’s profile so that it can strengthen the business decision.

Advertisers or marketers are often raising concern about the traditional ads exposure metrics, that usually are a projection number – using sampling methods. Those numbers are not reliable enough to be an insightful information of an ads placement or campaign effectiveness.

Store Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly reshaping the potentials of data analytics, including the store analytics which given the brands and/or products the opportunity to gain insights to unlock their customer base.

The AI technology enables research and analyzes the numerous customer profiles, discover the exact customer preferences and interests in creating an effective campaign strategy at the store

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of business on verifying the identity of the customer and client, as well as valuing their suitability along with potential risk toward potential business relationship.

Using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, it can shorten the process to be more efficient by requiring the customers or clients physical identity (facial biometrics) for verification and authentication system.

People and Facility Management

The trend of urbanization showed by the high mobility of vehicle volumes in times and areas, as well as the density of public, station, and landside area.

Congestion issue due to the visitor to search the parking space can be the pain problem of the land owner. our analytics enable the better service by providing the real-time data for the related stakeholders to make strategic decision

Nodeflux VisionAIre offers the solution as a whole  by putting the high-security and self-restraint system for the smart citizen, in order to improve the living sustainability and create the economic development