Our Milestone

We grow with the innovation in each year, to infinity and beyond

Product Market Fit & Tech Development Stage


Go to Market


25 numbers of Regional Police (POLDA) Collaboration with Us


Integrating DISDUKCAPIL Citizen Database with MABES DIV TIK Security & Surveillance Analytics

August 2018

ASIAN GAMES 2018 & IMF - World Bank Group Summit 2018 Bali

October 2018

Received SATU Indonesia Awards in Technology Category

October 2019

Wider collaboration with Jakarta Smart City is set to trigger the creation of more smart city solutions.

November 2019

Strategic partnership with Dukcapil brings in ~100 billion rupiahs in potential revenue through solutions such as E-KYC. 

December 2019

Received NTT STartup Challenge and Startup World Cup Winner

How it is all started?

Continuously lead the technology advancement
Nodeflux is the first and largest vision AI company in Indonesia. Established in 2016 with a vision ‘to continuously lead the highest standard of Indonesia technology advancement’, Nodeflux managed to become the first and only company from Indonesia among the top 24 AI company in the world incorporated in the NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program. Nodeflux is also listed on the U.S. National Institution of Standard and Technology (NIST)’s Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) leaderboard (updated on September 2019).

Since our inception in 2016, we have evolved our Vision-AI products. At the moment, our products and solutions has been implemented in sectors such as Smart Cities; Defence & Security; Traffic Surveillance Management; Asset & Facilities Management; Retail & Wholesale Store Analysis, Advertising, Transportation, and more.

Among our respective clients and partners are the Indonesia's National Police (POLRI); NVIDIA; State-Owned Toll Operator "Jasa Marga"; HP Enterprise; IBM; Asian Games 2018 Committee; and The IMF-World Bank 2018 Committee.

We Have Bold Missions

Business Performance

Commitment for excellence is the foundation that strives our business performance to go above and beyond in order to be a catalyst for technology advancement in Indonesia

Nation Contribution

Nation Independency, as clearly stated in The 1945 Constitution’s Preamble, has been an ultimate purpose and a shared responsibility that our nation endeavoured to achieve.

Technology Mastery

Our passion in technology is boundless. Exploration through research and development approach is how we accelerate and translate our ambition into creation

Our People

Meidy Fitranto

Co-Founder and CEO

An enthusiast technopreneur on his mission to bring Indonesia forward. Meidy believes it takes collective efforts to transform Indonesia for the better. With bold background in developing & managing business portfolio, Meidy seeks to generate impactful work both for the firm or the nation. For him, the key driver to move forward is to constantly innovate. Meidy holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Faris Rahman

Co-Founder and CTO

An exceptional & passionate engineer with entrepreneurial mindset and thought-leadership skill. Faris possessed a deep interest in distributed computation, parallel computing, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence. Prior of Co-Founding Nodeflux, Faris held a series of working-experience in engineering. Faris holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Ivan Tigana

Chief Business Officer

A tech enthusiast who posses no tech-related educational background. Ivan has a proven track in managing business and marketing for various industries, including Creative, FMCG, to Smart City. Ivan holds a degree in International Relation from Parahyangan University.

Adhi Nugroho Murbini

Chief Operating Officer

A high-skilled mechanical engineer with proven experience in technical, analytical, and business managerial. Prior of joining Nodeflux, Adhi spent years of insightful experience in upstream oil and gas operation. Adhi is also equipped with programming, financial, & business analysis skills.

Adhiguna Mahendra

Chief Research Product Innovation

Adhiguna spent more than 18 years in building Intelligent Systems for various industries globally. He holds Bachelor and Master of Computer Science from Universitas Indonesia, Triple masters in Robotics and Computer Vision from Heriot-Watt University, Universite de Dijon France, and University de Girona Spain as well as Ph.D. in Industrial Vision from Universite de Dijon France.

Nodeflux is Everywhere!

Our product and solutions has been implemented nationwide by Government or Private sector.
Prototype acceleration has enabled us to deliver real achievement, through national deployment to global recognition.

Life at Nodeflux

At Nodeflux, we provide a playground that allows you to grow and transforms you to
the best possible version of individuals for your career’s milestones.

Who says working should be tense and tight? An enjoyable, smart and impactful working experience is what we offer here. Fresh graduates, you are more than welcome!

Professional or Experienced talent, we need you to collide in a joint-forces to makes us unbeatable in achieving our vision. Let’s become a part that stands on the right side of the history towards a better Indonesia through AI, shall we?

Hear from Nodeflux

Business Advocate

Inclusive workplace, it really describes Nodeflux's working atmosphere. We come from different backgrounds and this actually embraces the learning spirit among smart donkeys to become more competitive, both for self-development and for the company progress.

VP People & Culture

Proud to be one of Nodeflux’s member because I am surrounded by some of the brightest and innovative person that always focus on growth, employee empowerment but always put in strong family values to work in a cross functional teams.

Software Engineer

Surprisingly challenging, but fun working environment, a great amount of new knowledge and experience can be gained. A small team, but strong and solid.

Solution Manager

The best thing in nodeflux is about freedom. Freedom to think, to speak, to create, and to give impact for company wide.

AI Scientist

They said the best workplace is the place you enjoy the most to come work on monday. Here, you will forget what the day it is, drawn in warmth of the second family and the excitement of many new things

QA Manager

It's literally family for me, filled by wonderful talents which make you comfortable to stay. You won't be bored with the projects here, every project gives you new experience. It's gonna be non-stop learning process for you


The environment that values individual differences and the non-authoritarian leadership style are suitable for people like me who do not like to feel boxed in

People Development

A very vibrant and positive atmosphere. Nodeflux is beyond cool! This a great place to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.
Ready to Embark Your Career Journey with us?
We welcome both fresh graduates or experienced individuals

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